Air fryer AF02

Thông tin sản phẩm

1. QuickClean frying basket with non-stick filter: to ensure that the food is fragrant and delicious, the X2000 oil-free fryer has used a non-stick basket so that the dishes do not stick to the pot and help you clean the pot faster.

2. Best-read TurboStar technology for healthier frying. This technology creates a very fast circulating heated airflow to fry your favorite foods without cooking oil or using less oil safe for your health.

3. Rapid air technology helps to reduce 85% of fat, minimize the use of grease, save and protect health

4. Fast cooking time, save electricity.

5. Removable parts save cooking effort and easy cleaning

Thông số sản phẩm

- Weight: 4.5 kg

- Capacity: 4.5 LOT

- Voltage: 220V

- Power: 1200W